Frank Sheftel

Frank was raised in the San Fernando Valley.

He is a product of “Local Schools”. He attended James Madison Middle (Jr. High) School in North Hollywood. He attended Grant High School in Valley Glen. He also attended Los Angeles Valley College in Valley Glen.

Frank and his family attended Valley Beth Israel in Sun Valley and his Bar Mitzvah was in 1974.

The Sheftel Family business is a local landmark in the community. For more than twenty years Frank has owned and operated The Candy Factory 12508 Magnolia Boulevard, North Hollywood, Ca. 91607. 818 766-8220.

Frank is known as the Candy Maker to the Stars. He created and made the Wedding Favors for Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley. He has a client list which is a who’s who of the Hollywood elite.

Los Angeles Daily News Columnist Dennis McCarthy described Frank as the Valley’s Willie Wonka.

Frank is dedicated to the community and has been a strong supporter of the Chabad’s Television Telethon.

Frank has been an active Board member of The Thalians for five years and associated with them for ten. The Thalians was founded by a group of young actors and allied professionals from the film industry who wanted to give back some of their blessings to the community.

Frank has also been a board member of the Academy for New Musical Theatre for three years.

Frank became interested in politics during the Independence movement in 2002 when the San Fernando Valley attempted to separate from the City of Los Angeles. Frank was one of the 111 candidates who ran for city council in the future city. The spirit of comradely never left Frank and he re-enter the political area with a run for Los Angeles City Council in the District 2 Special Election.

Frank has also set the bar in the Medical Marijuana Industry in Los Angeles. After becoming deathly ill and being prescribed medical cannabis, Frank strived to establish a medical marijuana collective that would be the model by which the city would follow. His ideas on regulation and taxation are now becoming an industry standard.

Frank is a registered Independent who voted for Obama. He accordingly to the Los Angeles Times, possesses a “disarming candor”.

Frank is a man of many ideas, opinions and true concern for his community.